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Anti-Globalisation, like anti-capitalism, is a convenient label used by the corporate media to refer to a whole host of alternative groups. The phrase "Anti-Globalisation" sometimes accompanies a rather Canute-like portrayal of these groups, striving to 'hold back an inevitable tide' of globalisation. This webpage is a product of globalisation. It was typed in Bangladesh by a Brit, sent through I don't know how many countries onto a website in California. Who knows how many computers in how many different countries have delivered it to you? "Globalisation", like "terrorism" is a very plastic phrase, that means different things to different people. If "Globalisation" means standards that allow the world's computers to talk the same language, I'm for it. But what about "free-trade" laws which allow multi-nationals to override national laws, or conditioning which leads all people round the world to think the same way?... These are complex issues, and a shallow, umbrella term such as "anti-globalisation" is less than useless.

Relocalization is the untangling of the world's over-extended global web of trade, recreating local communities that can thrive from goods and services which are locally produced. Why ship food thousands of miles, anyway? In the context of Peak Oil, this has a simple and indisputable logic about it.